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DOI : 10.1007/s11116-007-9118-8

X. Truong-nguyen and Q. H. Nguyen, Armand Peugeot Chair International Conference: 3 rd Electromobility Challenging Issues < https :// sites . google . com / a / essec . edu / electromobility -challenging -issues -2015/>. < hal -01239618> 5 Pike research 6 Fine particles (PM10) emissions factor for an average asian four strokes motorcycle is 0.1g/km . Driven 4000 km per year, that is 400g of pollution per year. Fine particles (PM10) emissions factor for the average vietnamese coal power plant are estimated to be around 0.45 -2 g/kWh. Let us take 1 g/kWh for coal plants, and 0.5 g/kWh systemwide, since the rest is hydro or gas. Figure 1's motorbike (bigger than most sold, SERVICE ISSUES: overview of electric vehicles use in Vietnam, 2015.