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[hal-02534418] Electronic Excited States and UV–Vis Absorption Spectra of the Dihydropyrene/Cyclophanediene Photochromic Couple: a Theoretical Investigation  (4/8/20)   Moins
[hal-02534402] Recent progress in ligand photorelease reaction mechanisms: Theoretical insights focusing on Ru(II) 3MC states  (4/8/20)   Plus
[hal-02530503] All Visible Light Switch Based on the Dimethyldihydropyrene Photochromic Core  (4/10/20)   Plus
[hal-02503507] A Mountaineering Strategy to Excited States: Highly-Accurate Energies and Benchmarks for Exotic Molecules and Radicals  (5/14/20)   Plus
[hal-01327047] Pivotal Role of a Pentacoordinate 3MC State on the Photocleavage Efficiency of a Thioether Ligand in Ruthenium(II) Complexes: A Theoretical Mechanistic Study  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-02490295] On the Possible Coordination on a 3MC State Itself? Mechanistic Investigation Using DFT-Based Methods  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-02483005] Unravelling the Mechanism of Excited State Interligand Energy Transfer and the Engineering of Dual-Emission in [Ir(C^N) 2 (N^N)] + Complexes  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-01622130] Theoretical illumination of highly original photoreactive 3MC states and the mechanism of the photochemistry of Ru(II) tris(bidentate) complexes  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-01741450] Exploration of Uncharted 3PES Territory for [Ru(bpy)3]2+: A New 3MC Minimum Prone to Ligand Loss Photochemistry  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-01331155] Computational Estimate of the Photophysical Capabilities of Four Series of Organometallic Iron(II) Complexes  (2/29/20)   Plus


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